Usta art  Anirikshit

Golden symbol of art and splendor

Bikaner Usta art in the art world have created special Mukan. National and international trade fairs, exhibitions of the art of camel skin fitted Surahia, Kuppian, table lamps, ornaments have a special appeal. Windows made of wood, photo frame, mirror, Gajrajr, proofread my paper Dolamaru, horse, Balgadian, Usta art has proved to be a unique artefacts. Handicrafts showrooms in major cities of the country, culminating in Bikaner agreeably Usta works of art are noteworthy.

UST art, Bikaner

If given the proper incentives to promote international art world today, the date may be in high demand. It has close relations with the splendor of the art. Central Asia magnificent palaces, buildings decorated with pictures of different types of leaves Funlon is practiced.This combination addresses the golden flower-Mail Mnovt and natural colors of the buildings walls, umbrellas, columns, windows, doors, arches, towers equipped. The medieval art in India has been established, in Mughal courts. Mughal era monuments in the Iranian style of portraiture Dhudlke still sheathed. Mughal courts have reached the same state of the art of their kings became permanent. hausarbeit schreiben lassen kosten The Mughal Emperor Akbar in the sixth king of Bikaner Raisingh were deeply concerned. This relationship continued from generation to generation.Meanwhile, the art of Mughal culture reached Bikaner. Usta artists of the art race through the desert palaces, havelis, temples made rainbow. Usta Klakarean the black race for centuries had accumulated. Barikian generations of art has changed hands. Those hands the thing which he put his hand to art became precious heritage. Bikaner his multifaceted art form to highlight the variety of colors and through images of golden Mnovt. Sonkin, Jungali, golden, golden enamel Tatla Rngabeji emerged. Rajput and Mughal style with the art and the big picture appeared Ldhu. Kings of Bikaner, adequate protection and promotion of moneylenders get Usta art and the caravan moves on. Despite the heat of the desert Adion art and artists to their existence, and it has managed to become history.

What arrived in Bikaner

It is said that Raisingh sixth king of Bikaner and Bikaner Singh brought some Usta artists Mughal court. There he had the rank of royal painter. They Alirja Usta, Usta Hamid Reza and Ruknudin were dominant. Usta Ali Raza Karan Laxminarayan temple of God’s rule had painted. Similarly, in the era of King Anupasinh Rasika Priya Ruknudin the 187 images were created. Besides, in the palaces of Bikaner Usta painters of pictures of different types of roofs, arches, Gubandon, was decorated with paintings unmatched columns etc. Bikaner Cndramahl Durbar Hall Gallery, Sheesh Mahal, Anup Mahal, the temple yard, red smoke, Dungar residence, Surat luxury, Bandashah Usta art painting of temple and samples. Usta Ali Reza, Shah Mohammad, Ustad Isa, Muhammad Ruknudin, Shabudin Ahmed Ibrahim, Abdullah Hashim, Qasim Raza Hasan, Bhaudin, Hameed, Ntthugi, Qadir Baksh, Murad Baksh, Usmaan, Rahim, Imamudin, including the long chain of the art is. After the accession of princely states into the art world by the huge jump-Prithl shook the Usta artists. Palaces, havelis, temples and buildings began to suffer due to the European style of portraiture portraiture incited demands. Western-style portraiture storm Usta its original fantasy artwork of painters skins Ut new dimensions of understanding. Metals, glass, wood, ivory, made of ceramic artifacts realized by various attempts were made to save the traditional art.

Usta dissemination of art

Usta art, Bikaner

Symbol of the glory of this art are Snbawanaaen prolific forward. Principality during special festivals Usta artwork by kings was first accepted as a gift. International Art Exhibition held in London in 1886 and Paris in Usta artists painting works were acclaimed. Handicrafts exhibition held in Jaipur in 1883 also increased the demand for these artifacts. After independence in trade fairs organized in various parts of the country when the camel skin wood, etc. The choice of a substantial quantity of artefacts held. Crafts Fair at Pragati Maidan are also many Usta artists and their art is exhibiting engage. Rajasthan Small Industries Corporation under the various parts of the country, about 25 showrooms fitted artifacts Usta Usta painters whose work is of Bikaner. Corporation names showrooms Rajasthali wooden windows, picture frames, table Lapon Ut skins, Surohion vessels are in great demand. Similarly, the Kalkritiya Mnavet also admired the marble objects. Taj Mahal Hotel in Mumbai, organized by the Society in shapes and drawings in the exhibition Biakner Usta Mohammad Asfgr camel hides objects and works of art of wood was sold in bulk. Fun in the exhibition in Mumbai was the only stall. Usta painting today requires proper protection and encouragement. It is undeniable fact that the business has supported the arts. Usta in Bikaner today the promotion of tourism, the works of art to be disseminated to come here every tourist would want to buy it, as heritage of Bikaner.Similarly, the artwork to cause the markets need for efficient marketing. If it works here, it’s fair hands Phuchengi artists and new artists will work Judenge it.

Bikaneri silver etching

Bikaner camel skins at the world famous Usta art is brought to skyrocket Swarnyukt enamel. Art in the same way by working on silver Devdutt unmatched artistic etching in the etching on silver added new dimensions. Bikaner Blue Devdutt Jangir silver but silver is the work of an artisan’s craft innovative etching is made ​​by using a different identity. Bikaner style etching using the new style Devdutt Mughal, Rajput style, but well versed in Arabian style palace of Bikaner, havelis, temples used stone, wood, bronze sculpture by studying the subtle depth to Bikaner style understood and then attached to the land in the traditional style of Bikaner silver etching on silver but also the vitality of the artistic craft not only endangered: the sculpture has been given a new dimension and height.
silver and master the art of proper learning Devdutt says that, on the question “I duly trained in this art from his father at the age of ten, began to take. The only small things like small silver Dibbian, Itradan, learned to Kajldani. Worked to repair old artifacts. The Bikaneri style worked on craft. Due Bikaneri style craft Sne: Sne: was losing. Extinct frequent Bikaneri style my original sculpted silver is tried to give new dimensions to craft. Mughal style of work, but also on the Arabian-style Bikaneri Rajput style and my style and that’s why today is deeply intimate attachment made ​​in silver craft Bikaneri style etching has become my identity. Silver etching work on this style of work across the country, but far-off people (customers) to come.
Silver works that use pure 999 silver Devdutt explains when asked about the artifacts created that silver-‘mndiron artistic door, Gubnj, columns, chandeliers, silver hookah, Surahian, elephants, horses, peacocks, fish, chariots, lions, vases, Cdiyhan, furniture shields, swords gods besides royal sandals statues and temples, umbrella etc. equal work continues. The etching is done in all the work, while the work is complex and unique. Silver jug marked pictures, flower-bird offer all realize liveliness. Silver tree and the carved face god statues, artifacts of an inch of silver shoes, photo frames, sword, vase, Hookahs, Sringardani, Dhola Maru appeal to all artefacts. Gubnj outpost built on silver columns and urn on this item during the show. ‘
Artistic etching on silver Devdutt ask about the construction process, he adds that, “artistic etching work is not so simple, as that people understand. Etching of the original shape of the work before the draft. Small items of silver do not undergo the long process because of the small size but large items that are designed to quickly create and design on paper before her entire Measurement is required. Preparation of the big things that mold to the shape. It takes more time and labor. In too many parts of the mold have to make. Any shape is not possible to make a mold so prepared the format of the original shape after adding several molds asserts. .

Message integrity

Camel skins gold etching the first time in the Usta art depicting Indian unity. Through this illustration artist conveyed the message that India is the only country in the world, which is the heart of the world. The example of the unity and integrity will not be seen anywhere else in the world. Usta this masterpiece of art in the heart of the world, India has been told. “The heart of India called” The work of camel leather round pedestal made a symbol of the world. This map is built in the middle of India Ashok Pillar, national animal tiger, the national bird peacock, the national flower lotus and the national tree Ashok appointed. “Heart of India” artist Ayub Ali Usta, who pointed out that this work around the Hindu-Muslim-Sikh and Christian religions symbols according to their colors have been told. Also in the background is the use of color and the Ashoka Chakra. Ayub said the works that make up the four pillars of its religion. The cultural and social heritage which provide uniformity. The provinces of the living, dining and customs and costumes convey a message of unity. The world needs this unity.

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